Our advanced refrigeration and environmental engineering protects the global environment and saves energy.
The refrigeration and environmental engineering company that builds a green industry for a better life ――― Toyo Engineering Works, Ltd.

Established in February 1952 through joint investment by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Nichirei Corporation, Toyo Engineering Works, Ltd. has been engaged in developing advanced refrigeration engineering systems and equipment.

As a refrigeration and environmental engineering corporation and manufacturer of plants, equipment and services, we have since inception provided refrigeration and air conditioning technology in a wide range of fields and supported technical innovation in the industry.

With the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol in February 2005, measures to reduce CO2 emissions have become a serious environmental issue for both corporations and homes.

The strong environmental credentials of Toyo Engineering Works, Ltd. guarantee our capability in meeting the needs of protecting the global environment and saving energy. It is our aim to pursue refrigeration efficiency and reduce environmental impact in order to build an ideal living environment.

Toyo Engineering Works, Ltd. is committed to making continuous efforts in researching and developing refrigeration technology for tomorrow and for the future.

Refrigeration plant engineering that supports next-generation technologies in the industrial world Custom-made air-conditioning systems that create a high level of indoor comfort in high-rise office buildings A nationwide maintenance service system worthy of a refrigeration and environmental equipment manufacturer engineering division equipment division services division